Destiny (BaZi 八字) Four Pillars Analysis of Justin Bieber

Jerry King
Publish date: 
August 23, 2010

Justin Bieber in the past few years has suddenly turned into a household name.  His songs echoed from a few YouTube clips into a worldwide euphoria.  Justin Bieber has created a pandemonium amongst young girls wherever he goes.  How did this come about for such a young man who is still in his teens?  By evaluating his birth system, we can find the answers to his early success.  Below is the Four Pillars birth chart of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, at 12:56am in Stratford, Ontario.  Before analyzing his birth data, it must be noted that the birth hour may have slipped him energetically into the hour of the Ox.  Nevertheless, the birth hour is not of any major significance at the moment since it affects what he does later in life, after the age of 45.


Chart Analysis

Justin Bieber is a Yang Fire (丙) self born in the month of the Tiger (寅).  His self element is flanked by another Yang Fire (丙) found in the month stem.  With regards to the month branch represented by the Tiger (寅), it has a Dog (戌) on both sides of it.  To round it off, he has a Yang Wood (甲) found in the year stem.  This birth system is considered hot to a point where it has to be classified as a “dominant self”.   How can this be determined?  The Dog (戌) and the Tiger (寅) together form half a “fire alliance” in Four Pillars terminology.  This “fire alliance” is like a team working with him pushing him towards a fire dominance self.  The fire is reinforced by more fire and wood found in the stems.  A complete “fire alliance” would include a Horse (午), unfortunately, Justin’s system does not possess the Horse (午). 

Below is a line graph illustrating Justin Bieber in the ‘Four Pillars Classification Spectrum’.


What does all this mean?  It is very simple, since his birth system belongs to an outer range of the cosmic spectrum, his system needs to be maintained into the ‘dominant’ range in order to go with the cosmic flow.  Impeding the fire by disrupting the flow with water can become disastrous.  Since wood produces fire and fire produces earth, all three of these elements can allow Justin Bieber to become prosperous and enjoy good fortunes.  Justin often sports red or purple colors in his outfit; this is the natural and obvious choice for him.  His attraction to red colors can be seen from his appearances in interviews and concerts.

Justin’s first appeared on YouTube in 2007 where he was discovered at the age of 12 in the year of the Yin Fire Pig (丁亥).  Without knowing the cosmic combinations, Pig (亥) can be concluded as water in the five element theory and this is not the case for Justin.  The Pig (亥) combines with his Tiger (寅) month to transform into more wood igniting the fire.  At the same time, Justin had moved into a new cycle represented by the Yang Earth (戊) as highlighted in the birth chart above.  The Yang Earth (戊) is his output star bringing about an opportunity to perform and be recognized.  This cycle lasts for 5 years which began at the age of 12. 


Power of the Horse

Justin Bieber embarked on and world tour on June 23, 2010 in the month of the Horse (午). Within this lunar month, it was also reported that Bieber is the most searched celebrity on the Internet.  In addition, his music video, “Baby”, surpassed Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to become the most viewed YouTube video ever.  The Horse (午) UNITED the Tiger (寅) and Dog (戌) in his system and pushed him over the top!

Future of Justin Bieber

It is most likely that his career will come to a premature halt once he enters the Dragon (辰) cycle.  The five year Dragon (辰) cycle clashes with both his year and day palace represented by the Dog (戌).  There will most likely be a temporary disappearance of Justin Bieber’s name in the music world.  The year 2012 will provide a clear indication as to what can transpire in the five year Dragon (辰) cycle.  2012 is the year of the Yang Water Dragon (壬辰) and the water is obviously in conflict with the flow of fire.

In the practice of Four Pillars, timing, combinations and cosmic flow, when in tune with the natural cosmos, can allow one to become very successful.  On the other hand, when the cosmic flow is against one’s birth system, proper actions and remedies must be taken in order to ward off misfortunes.