Feng Shui of Times Square Hong Kong (時代廣場)

Jerry King
Publish date: 
December 12, 2009

Whenever I'm in Hong Kong looking for a place to meet friends, they would always respond by telling me to go “meet outside Times Square in front of the big television in Causeway Bay.”  There is definitely no shortages of bars, restaurants and cheap eats near the vicinity of Times Square which makes it a great and easy location to meet with friends. From an overhead view of Hong Kong, Causeway Bay is located on the edge of the right arm of the Victoria Harbour where it is collecting energy. Some Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong also mentions that the harbour between Kowloon and the Island is a shape of a gourd where most of the energy is nourished along the edge of the gourd. Whatever the interpretation one would like to make, the area along Causeway Bay, Wan Chai and Central in Hong Kong would stand to benefit tremendously from an aerial standpoint.

Times Square is a complex composed of a major shopping centre and an office tower. Starting from the main entrance looking straight up, there is a circular emblem of Times Square located on top of the front. The circular emblem is like a medallion or coin which provides a gravitational pull of energy, as a result, it also has the effect of pulling people into their complex without even knowing about it. The circular Times Square emblem can be seen in the picture below.


Right outside of Times Square, there is an open area called the “Ming Tang”  (名堂) where energy can collect. The open area is surrounded by buildings at a height that isn't threatening, as a result, sunlight is able to peer through the buildings nourishing the trees and the atmosphere in the open space. Some use the word “sheng qi” (生氣) to describe the energy there. 


Going into the inside of the complex, boutiques and restaurants occupy the majority of the first 13 floors while offices are located above the restaurants and shops. The setup adheres to proper Feng Shui form where Yang energy which includes the restaurants are in the lower portion of the complex while Yin energy which includes the offices are in the upper part of the complex. Some may dispute the labeling of the offices as Yin energy and there is a case for that, but in relative terms, the offices above the restaurants are much more quiet and secluded giving it a Yin appearance. Since Yang energy rises while Yin energy falls, the location of the restaurants and boutiques with its Yang energy is balanced in harmony with the Yin energy above it. The interior of the complex also boasts a 9 story open circular space in the middle where the energy is collected providing a level of comfort for customers entering the building.


From the aerial view of Time Square, the two skyscrapers which is part of Times Square act as two arms from both the Tiger and the Dragon side holding onto the complex. It can also be pictured as a person sitting on a casino table corralling poker chips, as a result, wealth is being kept!


Overall, the location and Feng Shui form of Times Square boasts many great features allowing it to become prosperous. The flow of people and energy around its neighborhood also serves to benefit the complex. By utilizing a bit of creativity and incorporating Feng Shui design, the building is able to consistently draw people and good energy into the complex.