Destiny (BaZi 八字) Four Pillars Analysis of Roger Federer

Jerry King
Publish date: 
January 3, 2010

Roger Federer is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time and has won 15 Grand Slam single titles, and still counting. Talent, proper training, perseverance and hard work are some of the prerequisites for becoming a great athlete. In addition to intangible characteristics, being born with a great destiny chart can make success come much easier as we will see in the Four Pillars analysis of Federer.  Below is the Four Pillars chart of Roger Federer:


Chart Analysis

Federer, born on August 8, 1981, is a Yang Earth (戊) self born in the month of the Monkey (申) where metal and water are heavy while the energy of the Earth recedes.  By looking at his chart with a quick glance, it looks like a weak self where there is a mix of fire and metal.  The next part to look at in his chart is the combinations and whether there are transformations of the elements in his chart. Starting with the heavenly stems, the Yang Fire (丙) combines with the Yin Metal (辛) which could transform into water.  In this chart, it is easy for the transformation to occur since the Monkey has lots of water hidden in the branch and by encountering a Dragon, Rat or water in the luck or annual cycle, the transformation is much more profound; water would rule this chart. If water rules this chart, using water and metal would generate the greatest results for Federer. The Rooster (酉) in his hour branch is also a great ally to his chart.


This chart is an example of a “Follow Wealth Flow” where the self surrenders to the leading flow. Surrendering to a flow means the self is helpless to the leading flow.  In Chinese, this is classified as “從財格".  What are some of the characteristics of a chart who surrenders to the wealth flow? Most often, these people have fine tastes, loves fame and wealth. Since the wealth element in Federer's chart is not as noticeable because it is hidden, the desire for wealth is not as profound. Fame is more obvious for Federer since the Hurting Officer (Yin Metal 辛) is positioned in the heavenly stem in the Year Pillar.


Earth would be the element that impedes his flow and affect the well-being of his chart. In addition, fire would pose a problem to this chart since it would not only strengthen the Earth, it would also harm the feeder to the wealth flow which is metal. 

I have seen many interpretations where some practitioners would use computer systems or a type of balancing act of classifying a chart as 'weak' or 'strong'; this type of interpretation was never intended to be done this way in traditional Chinese practice. When looking at a four pillars system, we have to keep in mind that cosmic flow is the main driver of a chart. Going with the flow ensures an easier path to success while going against the flow will result in mishaps and misfortunes; these are some of the key principles of the Four Pillars practice.

Having a favorable or special chart to start with is always an added bonus to one's life; to have one's luck and annual cycle go with the flow of the chart would lead to exceptional results. In order to prove the hypothesis that water and metal are his most favorable flow, we can look into his history.


Life and Career

Roger Federer debuted in 1998 when he jointed the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) but success was not instantaneous. He was still in the Horse (午) cycle which lasted until he reached the age of 20-21.

He began gaining attention from tennis fans in 2001 when he entered the Yin Water (癸) cycle. It coincided with the defeat of seven-time Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras at the hands of Federer in 2001 in the quarter-finals. Although he didn't win the tournament, he ended Sampras' 31-match winning streak in the tournament. From the age of 20 to 24, during his Yin Water cycle, momentum started to gather and by 2004 and 2005, he had captured many grand slam titles in a very short period of time. Coincidentally, 2004 was the year of the Monkey and 2005 was the year of the Rooster; both years can be classified as having lots of water and metal which is favorable to his chart.

Moving on to the next luck cycle, it is the Snake (巳) which is another favorable symbol for Federer. There are two combinations that can occur with a Snake and his chart. Firstly, the Snake can combine with the Monkey month and form a water branch pairing. Secondly, the Snake can team with the Rooster and form a half metal alliance. Whichever the case might be, it is auspicious to the chart. Being in the Snake cycle, Federer followed up his previous success with more Grand Slam singles title in the next few years up to the present date. In addition to the success he had on the courts, he endorses many brands such as Nike, Gillette, Rolex, Mercedes, Wilson and so forth.

Looking at the next few luck cycles, Federer will continue on and off the courts with success as the Yang Water, Dragon and Yin Metal will carry on his water and metal momentum. This momentum will come in the form of more endorsements and brand name royalties.



Born with great talent, and provided with great coaching and training, it makes achievements much easier as he possesses a clearly defined flow in his chart. Utilizing the proper element such as a metal tennis racquet also helped his cause. By analyzing the flow of his chart and tracing the historical data of Roger Federer, it allows us to paint a clear picture as to how he benefited from the flow and how the luck cycle aided his flow. The key point in interpreting a Four Pillars chart is to understand and identify the leading cosmic flow. With this knowledge, one will be able to tap into a deeper meaning of what the Four Pillars chart is intended to tell us about a specific person.