Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny, Level 1

Jerry King


A thorough understanding of Five Element theory and the ten Heavenly Stems and twelve Earthly Branches is imperative prior to attending this workshop.  Participants attending the workshop will benefit even more if they are familiar with branch and stem combinations.

Course Description

The objective of the three-day workshop is to provide in-depth knowledge of how Cosmic Flow is interpreted using the Four Pillars of an individual, and how to classify a birth chart. A holistic picture of the Four Pillars is emphasized in the process of identifying cosmic flow, as opposed to a method of counting symbols, elements or stars.  Having classified a chart, students will learn how to help their clients benefit from good cycles in their Feng Shui or Four Pillars consultancy practice.  Course participants will also learn how to give sound advice to those experiencing inauspicious periods.  The final day of the workshop will discuss controversial topics surrounding Four Pillars, as well as introduce students to the Ten Gods and special charts.

Day One

Overview:  The big picture of a birth chart will be explored on day one.  Students will learn about how combinations work, and how they affect the classification of a birth chart.  By establishing where a birth chart belongs, they are guided through the process of determining good and bad cycles.  Following this, the interaction of the symbols and the combinations is discussed.  Understanding of the combinations enhances the accuracy of Four Pillars readings, as inaccurate interpretation of the deceptive combinations may result in skewed readings.

Day Two

Overview: Building upon chart classifications and the correct use of combinations, stem combination and transformations will be discussed in depth.  Students will learn about the criteria necessary for combinations to become transformations, as well as the pros and cons of transformations.  Clashes are also discussed, and the fact that both good and bad clashes exist is communicated.  Cosmic flow and the combinations are utilized as tools to explain what may transpire during a clash or punishment.  The Useful God is also explained in this segment of the workshop.

Day Three

Overview: The final day will open with instruction regarding the intricacies of a Four Pillars consultation.  The use of Feng Shui, the I Ching and counseling in offering remedies for inauspicious cycles will then be explored.  Controversial topics surrounding Four Pillars will also be discussed. The Ten Gods will be briefly explored in preparation for those interested in pursuing advanced studies in Four Pillars.