Birth Date and Feng Shui

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: December 28, 2009

Is there a link between one’s birth date and Feng Shui?  The simple answer is “YES”.  By obtaining the birth information of the residence in the house, Feng Shui masters can extract a wealth of information about what is going on with their lives and their connection with the energy of the house.  The birth information can be plotted in a Four Pillars chart where their favourable and unfavourable elements can be determined.  Once the flow of the elements has been determined, Feng Shui masters would try to identify the “Useful God” and the “Unwanted/Negative God.”

The use of Four Pillars or Purple Star Astrology in a Feng Shui consultation is imperative.  How would you know which sectors to divert your attention to and which aspect of their life would they want to improve upon?  Predictions can also be made with the Four Pillars system and upcoming misfortunes can be reduced or avoided with the proper Feng Shui remedies.  Those who are interested in activating their romance stars, how would you know where the romance sector is and what you can do to activate or deactivate the sector?  It is impossible to identify one’s personal romance sector without utilizing their birth information.  The birth chart allows Feng Shui masters to evaluate the interaction of the energy/elements between the Year, Month, Day and Hour.

Truth about Four Pillars

The use of the birth date is NOT just about finding the favourable and unfavourable elements.  There are many misconceptions about the true power of the Four Pillars system.  It has been practiced for more than a thousand years throughout China yet there are many who would neglect its importance.  The problem with this misconception is the lack of information translated from Chinese into English.  There is too much emphasis placed on the favourable and unfavourable directions jeopardizing the Feng Shui analysis of residential and commercial buildings.  A holistic view must be taken into consideration.  There is a reason as to why there are the 12 earthly branches found in the Chinese compass.  Connections can be made between one’s Four Pillars chart and the Chinese compass.

Traditional Feng Shui

The Traditional Chinese method includes a rigorous set of systems that requires many years of practice and training.  Feng Shui form school is only one set of system that MUST be incorporated with Compass School Methods and Four Pillars or Purple Star Astrology.  Be aware that when you hire a Feng Shui master or consultant to evaluate your property that they also provide some information about your birth details.  There should be a logical explanation as to what has transpired in your life and why you are attracted to certain colors or elements.  Recently, there has been an acknowledgement by many Feng Shui practitioners and enthusiasts around the world that without the analysis of the birth chart, proper Feng Shui remedies and adjustments would be difficult to undertake.  The awareness about the birth details has always been the norm for those who hire Feng Shui masters in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  This awareness is slowly catching on throughout the world.