Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny on Career, Potential, and Wealth (One Day Workshop)

Jerry King

Determining one’s potential is one of the most important aspects with Four Pillars practice. Without the understanding of one’s limits and boundaries, mishaps can occur and we may find it difficult to gain happiness in our career, which is the driver of our financial well-being. In this one-day workshop, Jerry will turn to the analysis of one’s potential and how we can find a suitable career based upon the Four Pillars birth chart. Characteristics, risk appetite, partnerships, sole proprietor and so forth will be discussed logically through the evaluation of natal charts. In addition, Jerry will explain how we can determine financial success and failure through the Four Pillars system. Remedies, precautions, and solutions will be offered to attendees of this workshop in how to deal with bad cycles financially and how to maximize capital accumulation during good cycles.