Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny, Level 2

Jerry King


Completion of Level I of the Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Workshop is a prerequisite to enroll in this class.  Students of this class should be familiar with the readings in the Ten Gods package from Level I in order to fully utilize the materials and approaches introduced in Level II.


Course Description

In Level I of the Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Workshop, cosmic flow and the classification of a chart were explained.  Within the Level II syllabus, evaluation of personality characteristics, relationships, wealth and talents will be explored.  This workshop will include explanations of important terms found in classical Chinese texts.  Students will be introduced to select works from the most authoritative Chinese texts on Four Pillars, interpreted by Master Tsui Lok Ng in the 19th century. Two books that are studied by many Chinese masters in Hong Kong and Taiwan, “滴天髓闡微” and “窮通寶鑑” will be discussed.  Many of the concepts referenced in these texts require a high level of proficiency in Chinese for full comprehension.  This workshop will explain concepts in these texts that are crucial for all serious students of Four Pillars.  Understanding the interaction of the Ten Gods in a chart and how this influences the subject’s character and decision-making abilities is another highlight of this workshop.

In general, those enrolled in the Advanced II level should be prepared to engage in a great deal of critical thinking. The theories presented in Day Two is particularly challenging, requiring a high level of focus and mental acuity from the student.  Some of the theories have been translated in English and found in the book Four Pillars of Destiny: A Guide To Relationships, by Jerry King.


Supplementary Materials

  1. Course Package supplied in Level I.
  2. Four Pillars of Destiny: A Guide to Relationships, By Jerry King (Release Date: April 2011)


Day One

Overview: There will be an initial short summary of the concepts and methodologies covered previously at the Advanced I level.  Following this, the rules and exceptions on identifying cosmic flow will be presented.  Building upon a general cosmic flow prognosis, there will be a host of nuanced approaches to cosmic flow presented.  Next, there will be a detailed explanation of the different qualities of the Useful Gods and how to navigate through information about this subject in Chinese classics. The process of applying classical Chinese methodologies of the Four Pillars to the modern day will also be discussed.  Finally, special charts will be explored in depth.

Day Two

Overview: The Advanced Theories covered in this second day will allow practitioners to use a birth chart to determine the personality and character traits of a person.  The impact of the luck cycle upon the attitude and qualities of a person will also be considered. Further to this, the class will use Ten Gods theories to shed light on the phenomenon of individuals who seemingly commit random and sporadic acts that are out of their normal behavior. 

The technical terms introduced on Day Two are frequently referenced by practitioners in Taiwan and Hong Kong using explanations that are often partial or unclear.  Jerry will share his knowledge and understanding of these terms through logical and systematic explanations.


Day Three

Overview:  A short analysis of relationships, wealth and career will be discussed on the third day.  In addition to this, the use of the book Four Pillars of Destiny: A Guide to Relationships will be explained. The encapsulation of all methodologies from Advanced I and Advanced II will be reviewed, and the concepts will be discussed as a whole.  There will also be a focus on remedies and advice for customers/clients, addressing the question, “What should be done after a Four Pillars analysis?”