Dr.Lily Chung

Associate, Author and Lecturer

Lily Chung (鍾月萍), Ph. D. (Geography, University of Minnesota, United States), taught college geography in the United States & Hong Kong, and metaphysics (Feng Shui, divination, I Ching) in San Francisco City College, held workshops in Europe, Canada and the United States since 1996. She is also a lecturer on life-enrichment Feng Shui on cruise lines. A columnist of metaphysics since 2003 in several newspapers, Lily currently writes for the California Property Guide (in San Francisco) & www.womensradio.com. Lily has used metaphysics and natural laws in the I Ching to help thousands of people understand their life energy, achieving harmony by attuning to the cosmic energy system and following natural laws. She is currently residing in the Bay Area of California, practicing and tutoring Chinese metaphysics.


She began the pursuit with a passion for the truth and a reverence for life. Why were we born unequal? What is the root of this inequality? Why does a person whose given endowments don’t change go through a life of ups and downs? Given the endowments without our consent and the limitations, how do we attune to this cosmic inequality to lead a better life? We need a precise sense of destiny to sail our life! Happiness is transitory as we all know! Now, with the calendars on cosmic flows translated into English, we want to maximize its frequency and momentum.

Publications by Lily Chung:

  • Human Geography for Hong Kong
  • The Path to Good Fortune: The Meng
  • Easy Ways to Harmony
  • Calendars for Feng Shui & Divination
  • Truth of Relationship and Marriage (in Chinese)
  • Succeed Naturally, the I Ching Way
  • Truths of Ups and Downs
  • 長勝風水:易經的突破