Advanced Feng Shui Form School Workshop (Three Day Workshop) in Singapore

Event date: 
Apr. 20, 2013 - 21:30

Form is “king”.  Jerry shows you how traditional Chinese Feng Shui masters apply remedies for complex Feng Shui form problems. Deepen your understanding of how Qi works, and learn how to strike a balance between Feng Shui methods including form, flying stars and eight mansions.


This workshop is intended for Feng Shui enthusiasts and practitioners who seek to establish or solidify their knowledge of Form School Feng Shui.  Form School Feng Shui is the foundation of all Feng Shui schools, preceding Compass School methods such as Flying Stars and Eight Mansions.  This workshop covers a range of methods from both the Form and Compass schools, with an emphasis placed on Feng Shui form.  Feng Shui form has an effect on one’s career, wealth, relationship and health, and this workshop uses case studies, illustrations and videos to explain these impacts.


Day One

Overview:  The purpose of Day One is to ensure that all Feng Shui practitioners have a good understanding of how Feng Shui form can affect the well-being of occupants within a building.  Students will be taught the meaning of exterior and interior form, and how to do evaluations of form.  They will also learn how to make predictions without the use of specific Feng Shui methods.  For example, the location of trees and water features can have an impact on the occupants.  These impacts will be explored and students will learn how to determine these positive or negative effects.


Day Two

Overview:   The purpose of Day Two is to carry on the discussions and Q&A from Day One. There will be a greater emphasis on interior form on this day.  The types of remedies, placements, and interior designs will be discussed.


Day Three

Overview:   The purpose of Day Three is to combine the knowledge of the previous days with instruction on the use of Flying Stars and Annual Stars accompanied by Feng Shui forms.  Important questions will be answered, such as “What can transpire if there is negative energy in the wealth sector?”, “How do Annual Stars influence the health and wealth sectors?”, and  “ Why is it that sometimes, even after the Feng Shui of a unit has been analyzed with all the methods discussed, people may not be able to see immediate results?”  There will also be a discussion of the distinction between superstition and reality.