Feng Shui: An Illustrated Guide to Property Selection

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: August 21, 2018

In Feng Shui, ‘Form is King’ and in this book co-authored by Jerry King and Vicky Lee, they seek to provide illustrations accompanied by explanations of what is good Feng Shui vs. bad Feng Shui. The common theme in Feng Shui is the mountain governs the health while water governs wealth.The locations of mountains, structures, roads, rivers and water features are very important in determining whether a home has good or bad Feng Shui. Selecting a property with bad Feng Shui can set you back in your life and may also affect your health, wealth, and relationships. With the illustrations in this book, you will be able to learn how to choose a good Feng Shui property to ensure harmony in your living environment. This book is available on Amazon.com