Feng Shui for the Year of the Dragon

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: January 22, 2012

There are many different interpretations of how we can utilize the energy from each of the sectors within our home. The period, the sitting and facing position, and most importantly the form of the home must be taken into consideration. All the aforementioned factors accompanied by the use of the Annual Stars and energy have a considerable effect to the well-being of the home. The Annual Flying Stars that I have listed here is only one method, as a result, the effects of the remedies and enhancements suggested here cannot be seen as a cure-all. We must also take into account one’s destiny, or Four Pillars, which is calculated through the birth year, month, day and hour.

The grid above illustrates the location of the stars for the Year of the Dragon; the top representing the south while the bottom representing the north.

2012 Sector Analysis

East (Annual 4)

The scholar star is located in the east sector. In order to enhance the energy of the scholar star, place four bamboo sticks in a jar of water. The use of a Chinese scholar tower can be considered in this sector. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for those who are in school or preparing for examinations. People who deals with documents and legal matters can also benefit from the enhancements placed in the east.

Southeast (Annual 5)

In Chinese, it is often referred to as the “Yellow Five” (五黄), represents the sickness star. The Grand Duke also resides in the Southeast for 2012. The combination of the sickness star and Grand Duke can bring about health issues for occupants in a home. To avoid exacerbating the negative energy in this sector, it is advised that activity is reduced while removing earth or fire-related features in this area of your home. The best way to reduce the sickness star and appease the Grand Duke is to use metal related objects which include wind chimes, music boxes and metal ornaments. Construction and renovation should also be avoided. If you were to undertake digging or ground breaking activities here, having proper date selection for the beginning of such activities is highly recommended. Also consider having your back towards the Grand Duke for important meetings and discussions.

South (Annual 1)

The Three Killings, or “Shan Sha” (三殺) is located in the South for 2012. This is another area to avoid new constructions, extensions, noisy activities and disturbances. Unlike the Grand Duke, avoid having your back towards the Three Killings direction. The three unfavourable influences include the following: Robbery Sha related to finance, Calamity Sha related to health, accidents and illnesses, and Annual Sha related to people and arguments. The Three Killings covers the range between 136° and 225° on the compass. Although the Three Killings reside in this sector, there is a positive note to take for the South as the romance star is also located here. To activate the romance star, use water and metal features. Ensure that the water is active; the use of bottles of stagnant water will not be enough to activate romance.

West (Annual 8)

This is the most auspicious area of the home in 2012 as the Annual 8 star can bring about prosperity and unexpected wealth if activated correctly. Placing 8 pebbles or stones in this sector in addition to the use of candles can activate the positive energy of the 8 star. Placing important financial documents in addition to the use of crystal here can bring about important business deals and improve sales results.

Northwest (Annual 7)

This is another problematic area that can affect the well-being of the residents in the home. The ‘Year Breaker’, or ‘Sui Po’ (歲破) directly faces the Grand Duke causing a direct clash. This sector takes up 15 degrees on the compass between 292° and 307.5°. The negative characteristics of the Sui Po are illnesses and health issues affecting the elderly.

North (Annual 2)

The Annual 2 possesses earth energy bringing disease, sickness, health problems and even death. To mitigate this problem, use a brass gourd (Wu Lou) ‘葫蘆’ and/or wind chimes. You can also hang six Chinese coins tied in a red ribbon on the wall. If your bedroom, office, main door or living room is located in the north, ensure to place some sort of remedy to deal with the sickness star.

Northeast (Annual 9)

The 9 Purple star is favourable during this period and career opportunities, promotions, and business opportunities are possibly especially if you have an office or main door in the northeast in 2012. The use of crystal amethyst, plants, red or pink flowers and fire-shaped objects can enhance and activate this sector. The 9 star is also known as a celebration star so for those who are intending to get married this year, you can also use the aforementioned objects to activate the energy of the star.
Center (Annual 6)

The location of the 6 star is positive for career, wealth, politicians and those who are studying in the center. No cures are required in the center for 2012 as its effects are small. You can consider using metal objects and/or a music box in the center but it is not necessary.


Placing cures and enhancements does not guarantee success, fortune, and good health. Remember that Feng Shui is only one part of our life. Our destiny chart must be taken into account in order to maximize the use of Feng Shui. To ensure the accuracy of activating specific sectors of your home, it is best to hire a Feng Shui professional to evaluate your home. Keep in mind that in order for the Feng Shui professional to make use of your living space, he/she should be able to read your cosmic energy through the analysis of your birth chart; by doing so, your energy can be aligned with your living space and Feng Shui.