Feng Shui for the Year of the Dragon

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: November 15, 2010

Birth 19th January 1860
Death 15th July 1904                  

Anton Chekhov was a Russian short-story writer, playwright writer and physician. He is considered to be one of the greatest short-story writers in the history of world literature.

He is a Yang Water self born at the end of Water season in the Earth month of the Ox. The self is fully surrounded by additional Earth elements represented by the Dog in the day Branch, the Goat in the Year Branch and the Yin Earth in the Year Stem. The Yin Fire in the Month Stem supports the Earth in his chart making him a feeble self surrendering to the Earth flow. Fire supporting the Earth and additional Earth strengthening the leading flow of earth become very auspicious for Chekhov. But due to an Earth penalty in branches created by Dog, Ox and Goat, he will benefit only by additional Earth in Stems. His unfavourable elements are Water and Metal. Water brings him

personal hardship through unwanted competition. Metal strengthens the self while draining the Earth placing stress on his health. Wood provides his expression but can be exhausting for him because it pierces his favourable element which is Earth.

In his Birth Chart, there is also a Stem combination between the Yang Water (self) and the Yin Fire. It gives him a firm hold on wealth through his creativity, in his case writing. Anton’s caring nature represented by the heavy Earth in his chart and Fire made him follow a career of a physician. But because of the three animal Earth penalty, he actually never substantially benefited from his profession as a doctor. He mostly chose to treat the poor free of charge while travelling great distances to reach his patients.

He had suffered in his childhood according to his statement and we can see that from his luck cycle between the ages of 9 and 13;l this cycle introduced his key rival into his chart represented by the Rat. The following Wood Luck Cycles provided him with an expression and he was able, from an early age, make money writing short stories. That allowed him to financially support his family and himself but it was very exhausting for him. At the age of 16 in 1876, a Rat year, his abusive father went bankrupt and escaped to Moscow with Anton’s mother while leaving Anton in Tarangog to pay for his own education. His family possessions were also sold off during this period. At the beginning of his Pig Luck Cycle in 1879, the responsibility to provide full financial support for the entire family in addition to his tuition expenses at the Moscow University, where he studied medicine, fell solely on his shoulders.

While being in the Yang Wood Luck Cycle, in the Yang Wood Monkey year of 1885 and Yin Wood Rooster year in 1886, the conflict between Wood and Metal in his chart was strong and his health began to deteriorate. Anton started to cough blood which he refused to disclose to anyone perhaps due to his strong proud nature of a Fai Kong self, and also because he was a qualified physician himself.

The following two Fire years brought his favourable element and wealth. The warmth of the fire gave him an opportunity to write for St. Petersburg “Novoye Vremya” while getting paid much more money. He also won the Pushkin Prize for his work “At Dusk” and wrote (in two weeks) a play “Ivanov” which became a big hit.

Anton and his family settled in Melikhovo after his 1890 trip to the Far East of Russia. He looked after his estate and wrote many stories and plays. During this Dog Luck Cycle he was also very busy treating many people which often put strain onto his finances. Unfortunately his health had worsened from the ages of 34 until 43 represented by the Yin Water Rooster Luck Cycle. He suffered a major haemorrhage of the lungs in 1897 while on a trip to Moscow and was officially diagnosed with tuberculosis. 1897 was a Yin Fire Rooster year and it created a fight to combine in the Stems on top of the unfavourable Metal cardinal Rooster while he was still in the strong Yin Water Cycle.

Tuberculosis is a lung disease which is an organ represented by Metal , his unfavourable element being his resources.

He died in 1904 in a Yang Wood Dragon year just as he entered a Yang Water Luck Cycle. The Dragon clashed with his Dog in the Day Branch which was an unfortunate event for a Fai Kong self while the Yang Water in Stems brought a strong rival into his life. When we consider the state of Chekhov’s health, it was a difficult battle for him to overcome because of the intrusion of the unfavourable cosmic energy into his birth chart.

We can see from Anton’s chart how caring and warm a person he was and even though his feeble chart provided him with many talents, opportunities and fame also brought him lots of personal sorrow and hardship which he expressed in most of his writings.