Four Pillars (Bazi – 八字) – The Debate

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: December 17, 2012

There has been a recent debate in Chinese Metaphysics over the usage of the Lunar and Solar calendar in the practice of the Four Pillars system, in Chinese, we call it Bazi (八字). Those from the Solar camp decided to initiate a discussion over those who use the Lunar system. On the other hand, many who use the Lunar system has not really explained themselves thoroughly, and hence, the Solar camp has been quick to judge those who use the Lunar system. So who is right and who is wrong? There are also many who quickly assume that me and my master ‘only’ use the Lunar calendar. Putting words into the mouth of other masters has become a trend for many who are quick to assume without knowing the practitioner in this field, whether it is in Feng Shui, Four Pillars and other practices of Chinese Metaphysics. Obviously, these people are confused and in doubt of their own methods; going on the offensive highlights their fear.

The quick assumption could be the cause or an effect of one’s master who imposes a specific method onto their students without flexibility. We are now living in the 21st Century where knowledge and information are being passed around rapidly, yet in the field of Chinese Metaphysics, some choose to be inflexible and are still misguided by their masters. This could be the result of greed and jealousy, perhaps even fear; to attack and target other masters in order to move an extra inch in their own business. This is very embarrassing to the entire practice as some of these people have quickly forgotten the reason and true essence of getting into Feng Shui, to help people.

I have been using the Solar calendar for many years and believed in the Solar calendar until I realized certain deficiencies and I was seeking for more answers. In 2009, I met Lily Chung and we exchanged heated debates over the matters of the Lunar calendar. She was quick to prove me wrong. After understanding how cosmic flow works and how to read a birth system, she pointed out charts that are born in between the solar divider and the lunar sections of the calendar. Lily mentions that we have to test and verify. Lily uses both the solar and the lunar system, not just only the lunar.

I for one was born in between the solar divider and the lunar section. When I took my birth date to have it explained by many solar practitioners, they were lost for words. I also went to one of the more reputable masters in Hong Kong along with a very knowledgeable Feng Shui practitioner who has been in this field for almost 20 years. We sat there for over one hour while the reputable master in Hong Kong was trying to read my birth chart correctly, it turned into a guessing game. Imagine paying over $500USD for a reading and to have it come to this. I then mentioned to the practitioner, “how about changing the month to lunar for kicks and see what you can tell me?” Me and my friend were grinning at each other as the master started to tell me about my past with accuracy within a matter of minutes. Go figure! The master then started to doubt the solar system as I explained to him about it. I told him that “you must plot two charts and verify.” With this advice, he decided not to charge me for the reading and thanked me.

When I notice people who are born in between the solar and the lunar, I always plot two charts to confirm. For those who are confident in the solar method and can explain things thoroughly, that is great! I have plotted many charts whereby the people are born between both dividers and solar works great. In some cases, the lunar made more sense. So to answer the question of who is right or wrong? My advice is to avoid being lazy and use both calendars. How much time does it take to plot two charts? Not even more than 1 minute. Just buy yourself a nice authentic Chinese Ten Thousand Year Calendar and start connecting the dots.

Those who are constantly attacking the use of the Lunar calendar should ask themselves why they are doing this. They are embarrassing themselves without a deep knowledge of the Four Pillars system. They are doing great injustice to people like Lily Chung who have written many books and contributed greatly to this field of study. I have also written books on the system of Four Pillars, NOT the system of the Lunar calendar. Lily and many of her students have a wealth of research data to suggest that we should take into account the lunar chart differences and consider it as a precautionary measure in our reading. Our goal is to help people, not sabotage each other’s work in this field. Jealousy and greed has always been part of human nature. I believe this has to do with a few particular old Chinese masters who wants to hold on to what they can particular after Lily Chung has launch a recent best selling book in Hong Kong on the I Ching, and now, a new release on Four Pillars. For those who are interested in her application of the Four Pillars system, whether it is solar or lunar, her latest best selling book on Bazi (八字) is now available for purchase in Hong Kong. I also recently released a book on the Four Pillars explaining the system, not the calendar. Is it a coincidence that these calendar-related debates suddenly came up? I highly doubt it. These people are operating on 6th line of Gua number 11 in the I Ching.

I highly advise people to read and explore; avoid judging others. Some masters just wants to create a wave to prove themselves to be ‘Westernly Scientific’ to attract Western clients. They are in fear; after practicing in one specific way for a long period of time, and spending thousands in a specific method, who would want to suddenly change and admit to their mistakes? We are in a powerful water year, the year of the Water Dragon, the truth is out and such truth will continue to spread in period 8. Those who do not adapt and change will eventually be disregarded. Practice with an open and positive mind.

人人八字 – 鍾月萍博士

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久受西方學理訓練及博士式學究研習訓練的鍾月萍,為何成為被一些人視為迷信的中國命理專家?鍾博士曾說過,她在一九八六年開始研究《易經》,了解到宇宙氣的周期,漸漸發覺八字命理的深奧,從此迷上了,於是以西方式的研究方式,深入解讀,知道其運用無窮,實在是中華文化的國寶,不可以「迷信」二字貶之唯恐不及,中國萬年曆與子平八字命理的探究,炎黃子孫宜繼續 深入研究。