Four Pillars of Destiny: The Ten Gods Handbook

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: February 3, 2013

Four Pillars of Destiny: The Ten Gods Handbook is a continuation of a series of Four Pillars of Destiny books by Feng Shui Master, Jerry King.

Understanding the Ten Gods is integral to mastering the analysis of the Four Pillars of Destiny charts. The Ten Gods serve as an additional layer of knowledge within Four Pillars practice—helping to unlock the power of understanding natal charts.

In this book, each of the Ten Gods is broken down and described in a detailed and concise manner, along with simplified techniques for identifying the Ten Gods in a natal chart. King explains how the Ten Gods shape a person’s characteristics, personalities, relationships, and wealth, interacting with the self element and other characters in a birth chart.

Examples and case studies demonstrate how the Ten Gods play an important role in a Four Pillars of Destiny chart analysis. Both modern and traditional perspectives of the Ten Gods are explained, accompanied by King’s new translations of Chinese texts.

Whether you are new to the subject of Four Pillars, or an advanced practitioner, this book is a must-read.