Lost and Found? Or Stolen? (A QMDJ case) – 奇门遁甲

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: July 19, 2013

Lost and Found? Or Stolen? (A QMDJ case) – 奇门遁甲

Rather than writing about Four Pillars of Destiny (八字) or Feng Shui, I would like to present a method that is not widely used in the West, Qi Men Dun Jia. I will not dive into the history of Qi Men Dun Jia since there are a lot of written information that are found online.

This is an interesting case that I did about 4 years ago using Qi Men Dun Jia. In 2009, 17th of December at around 12:09, a female client of mine called me up and said “my car is gone! I was just having brunch and parked my car outside. The meter had expired. Is my car just towed away? Or is it stolen?”

By looking at her bazi, it was a bad year for her as earth, metal and water were all unfavorable to her. I had mentioned to her that she was going to have an incident of “losing her wealth”.

Unfortunately, Bazi does not prepare us in some situations in determining whether the car would be found or not. So I pulled out the QMDJ plate at the time of the incident. I said to her that “your car is actually stolen, not towed away. And it will be difficult or near impossible to retrieve it.”

Below is the Qi Men Dun Jia plate configuration based on the time of the divination.

The day master of the day was Bing: 
The hour stem is the Xin based on the Jia cycle: 
The item was stolen based on where Xin (辛) was sitting, with 天蓬. The 天蓬 star is often associated with robbery and hidden motives.

**(Note that the hour pillar is Jia Wu ‘甲午’ and according to the QMDJ, we do not use Jia ‘甲’ in the plate and need to choose the stem aligned with the Jia cycle)

The item is the hour stem Xin (辛), and it was resting as described by the door (休门). So the car is parked and not active when the owner last saw the vehicle.

The Xin (辛) is sitting in the Kan 1 Palace. The Bing (丙) is sitting in the Qian 6 palace. Metal where Bing (丙) is located is drained by the Water where Xin (辛) is located. The item does not want to go back to the owner.

The doors and 9 stars are in Fu Yin, finding the item is near impossible.

Results – The car was never found. The impound car lot does not have it and insurance paid her out for the lost vehicle.

Qi Men Dun Jia is not a straight forward interpretation based just on the symbols themselves. It requires the identification of the “Useful God”. Many are accustomed to hearing the terminology “Useful God” in Four Pillars, but in QMDJ, the Useful God is related to the questions, parties, and objects involved in the divination. The application of QMDJ can cover all aspects of life, from missing items and wealth concerns, to relationships and war. We can also apply QMDJ on date selections, Qigong, and Feng Shui. For this specific case, I utilized it on a Time-Based Divination.