Malaysia Airlines MH370 and the use of (奇门遁甲) Qi Men Dun Jia

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: March 12, 2014

Over the past week, there had been an ongoing discussion amongst Facebook forum members of the Chinese Metaphysics group utilizing different methods revealing similar results. Below is a chart that was provided by one of my private students in Hong Kong, Ken Chin and we’ve been working together on all kinds of research data in QMDJ. It is always good to operate with an extra person. Ken had asked me to put a chart together while I was off on a flight to Mexico to run a seminar so I told him to do it at the time of your inquiry, eg, now, not the day of the missing plane. Here are the details and I will quote the key ingredients that he had identified. I’m no expert in searching for planes. I’ll leave it to the FBI, CIA, and the military. Note that this is not a hindsight analysis as the date of the divination was made prior to any alternative search. The divination was made in Hong Kong.

Subject Matter: Missing
Question: Malaysian Airline MH370 aircraft have gone missing since March 8. Will the aircraft be found?
Date of Divination: Mar 11, 2014 Rat Hour

甲午 丁卯 辛巳 戊子

“Using Day pillar (Gen Palace) as the inquirer and Hour pillar (Dui) as the subject matter, both palaces are located at different external and internal plates. Using standard “lost item divination using QM”, if the inquirer encounters such internal / external configuration with his “belongings”, chances are his belongings will be lost. Here, it is implied that, the plane may be “lost” and cannot be found.

Furthermore, there is a Tian Peng star, Shang Men and Jiu Di in the Dui Palace i.e. the Subject matter. ”

The focus of Ken’s analysis was on the day stem and the hour.
To further comment, we see the plane, or the item (戊) in the Dui palace. Jiu Di (九地) meaning land, Tian Peng (天蓬) meaning robbery. Du Men (杜门) authorities in hot pursuit, why? Because Qian and Dui are together in the outer palaces. The plane is further away. In addition, the plane is in the West based on the location of being in the Dui.

All this is based on logic of the plate.