The Purpose of Understanding the Four Pillars of Destiny

Author: Jerry King
Publish date: August 30, 2010

I would like to begin this article with a cliché, “life has its ups and downs”. Mankind, like the tide can rise and fall within a very short period of time. Every flower has its time to blossom, but it will also perish from the changing weather conditions. As we observe the events of the world on a daily basis and evaluate our personal encounters, some of us are fortunate to be in a comfortable position while others less so. The fortunes can be created by personal merits, or can it? Is it fate and destiny that you are at the point of where you are at right now? What matters to you most? Is it money? Fame? Or do you just simply want to satisfy yourself with your next meal? Sometimes, it could be inescapable that certain people are presented with greater challenges in life. Should you be caving in on the challenges or stand up to the challenges?

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a Chinese Astrological method that has been tested throughout time over millions of people around the world and can certainly answer some of those questions. By having your birth chart read, it can provide you with many answers in life that you may have. The power of a destiny reading lies in the eyes of the practitioner and how he or she interprets your birth chart. If an interpretation is incorrect, advice for certain situations would also be misleading. The most critical part of a Four Pillars chart is to identify the flow, or to put it in another phrase, identify the Useful God. Without taking care of the first step in the process, it is very difficult to provide an accurate picture of the entire structure of one’s birth system.

By knowing about our birth system, we can identify our positive and negative traits. The Four Pillars chart is like a blueprint of our life. Those who know about their blueprint, or ‘life map’, have greater opportunities to capitalize on their own assets and achieve success while avoiding pitfalls. There are some who may not believe that our life is somewhat predetermined from birth, this is where misfortunes can occur. I have encountered people who believe that they can do whatever they can as long as they put their mind to it and they would not believe that they have limitations. When things do not go their way, they would blame others for their mishaps. They may reach a point in which they have no choice but to see a counsellor, or a Four Pillars practitioner for answers, others may turn to religion.

Life is full of surprises but sometimes those surprises may not be what you were expecting. Some surprises could come from sudden financial rewards, on the flip side, it can also come in the form of an end to a relationship, or the passing away of a loved one. Can these surprises be predetermined? By understanding the use of the Four Pillars system, they can be. I find it silly sometimes when I read on the news where some ‘master’ can change luck or destiny. If they had the power to change luck or destiny, they may want to post up their client’s birth details and allow fellow practitioners to see whether it is true. The mass media and marketing has misled the public, either that or their knowledge of the Four Pillars system is limited. Luck cannot be changed, but how you deal with bad luck can alleviate some of the pain. Some turn to Feng Shui, while others may turn to an ancient Chinese classic, the I Ching.

When good luck comes, we must capitalize on it. For those who never had a Four Pillars reading, it is more difficult to know when your time has come. It could be out of gut instinct that you can feel that there is a profitable investment on the horizon. But with a proper reading, you can also determine which career path to take, and when to lay low during bad cycles. In addition, a reading can evaluate the weaknesses in specific internal organs allowing you to maintain a proper diet to reduce the possibilities of issues with those organs.

Another false attempt in explaining life is the distribution of percentages. Who came up with 33% Destiny, 33% Man Luck, 33% Earth Luck or Feng Shui? Feng Shui plays an important role in minimizing bad luck while enhancing good luck, but has it ever occurred to anyone that attaching percentages on each of the criteria is a fallacy? Many have also disregarded the fact that education, family background and how you treat others must also be accounted for? Be aware that those who attach percentages to life are utilizing it more for a marketing gimmick to pull in customers for their services.

Perhaps you may be reading this article because it is destiny or some sort of cosmic attraction that you have at this particular period of time to this article. Or is it a random chance that you happened to stumble upon this article.