What is the difference between Bazi (八字) and QMDJ (奇门遁甲)?

Author: Jerry King

What is the difference between Bazi and QMDJ?

This is a very common question that I have encountered over the recent years. You can also include other divination systems into the mix. First you might want to ask yourself what questions, issues, or problems are you trying to solve. Different systems have different usages. The most common use for Bazi is to understand one’s life, personality, traits, character, etc… QMDJ on the other hand is often used for divination, “time-based” divination. The one people are accustomed to using is the “hour system” of QMDJ to predict events or to determine what is going on at a specific moment. There are some that may use QMDJ to do destiny analysis but it is rarely used for this. We cannot say one system is more powerful than another. What are you using it for? That’s what you want to ask yourself.

Recently, someone put forth a question of a Bazi and asked “is this person satisfied with his job/career?” My answer is, “no he is not satisfied” without giving any explanation. I tend to do this often as I prefer people to think why I said that. In QMDJ, we can also provide an answer to that. Now, looking into the future, let’s say 15 yrs later, with Bazi, we can tell whether the person will be happy in 15 yrs time, but with QMDJ, it’s more about timing and we may not be able to tell. Ask the question again 15 yrs later. That is one difference between both systems. Some masters may say “I can tell with QMDJ about 15 yrs later.” My answer, “sure, go right ahead. Let’s see about that, it’s a crapshoot when you’re looking that far.”

Above: Sample QMDJ configuration.

What is more effective?  Bazi or QMDJ?

Again, what are you trying to divine and predict? Bazi is a foundation that must be mastered. Learning Bazi itself won’t get you anywhere unless you practice. Many learn the system, and never practice, and if they practice, they give 10-15 minute readings and that’s it. What do you learn from a 10-15 minute reading of a person? Like nothing. I sit in restaurants talking to hot waitresses and it may last for 30 minutes. And yet I may not even know if she’s single or dating. So how can a 10-15 minute reading get you anywhere in Bazi. Many assume without testing. Look at a chart, say it’s weak/strong, done. You build bazi knowledge through experience, not through assumption. I’ve mentioned in my own forum that I’ve gone to more than 10 chiropractors, 7 dentists, over 20 different massage therapists, got all their charts, and piece together patterns. I’ve also got charts of over 500 software developers over the years, and know most of them personally. (Note that they volunteered their charts for research purposes.) It’s all about pattern recognition. Theories go out the door without practicing and testing those theories. It’s so simple to say one is a strong self, or weak self, and you go ahead and balance, a very fickle and useless approach. Also a very common misunderstanding. Reading Ziping Bazi books will get you nowhere if you talk all theory. Those theories are well-documented, but wait till you apply it. We are living in the 21st century, not the 19th century. Time to revolutionize and innovate, or be left behind.

In QMDJ, the readings may last one minute or less. The question can be as simple as, “will I pass this exam?” Bam, the answer is there, yes you will pass. Done. See you next time. It can also last a bit longer, eg, I have a court case waiting to get settled, what is the amount that will be settled, who wins, is the judge for or against me. In Bazi, you may need to get the charts of the opponents, judge, lawyers, etc, in order to piece together everything. How do you know if you have better luck than your opponent? You could also use face reading. Just like Bazi, QMDJ has many flaws and controversies. The classics in QMDJ are just as muddy as Bazi. Classics do not talk about one-night stands, or online dating.

I’ve written a mouthful for now. I will add to this in a future article somewhere.

Above: Advanced QMDJ Workshop (Vancouver Private Intake)