Willard Mitt Romney’s Destiny Analysis

Author: Jerry King
April 1, 2012

Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician. He was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and is one of the candidates for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination.

Born on 12th March 1947 at 9.51 am in Detroit, Massachusetts, USA

He is a Yang Metal self sitting on the Tiger. His Yang Metal feeble self totally surrenders to the flow of Wood, his wealth element. It is because Romney is born in the Rabbit month and the Rabbit combines with the Pig in the year branch while forming half of Three Harmony Wood combination. The Yin Water in the Month stem supports the transformation into Wood.  When Dragon comes along, the Tiger in the Day pillar becomes a part of full Wood Directional combination with the Rabbit and Dragon. The Tiger contains Yang Fire in hidden elements, which is also favorable to him. Remaining elements in his chart are the Yin Fire in the Year stem which is beneficial to his chart for its ability to keep a check on his Rivals (Metal) and to protect his wealth (Wood).

The Hour stem Yin Metal, ‘Rob Wealth’, can causes him some issues, however it adds to his competitive nature, an advantage in politics and business. It can be combined away by a Yang Fire. The Snake is sitting in the hour branch and contains favorable Yang Fire but also contains a rival as Yang Metal. It can be a part of the Fire punishment with the Tiger which sits in the spouse palace. His wife can get affected by this energy and she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Favorable elements are:  Water which supports (feeds) his favorable Wood, as well as Fire, which protects the Wood while melting any additional Metal. He also enjoys help from the Goat, Dog and Dragon.

Because of his feeble surrender to Wood (wealth) status he does not like to empower his self element Metal with Yin or Yang Metal, Yin Earth, Ox or Rooster. Monkey is very problematic as was apparent in 1968 (Yang Earth Monkey) when he was involved in a very serious car accident.

Romney’s birth chart has many advantages:

  • The Yin Water in the month stem is right next to him as a Hurting officer. He is persuasive and his management methods are innovative but most importantly long lasting within the financial industry. His presentations and selling abilities are exceptional. The Yin Water sits in the Father palace and because it supports his wood flow it is a very influential element in his chart. His father was serving in President Richard Nixon’s cabinet as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development which surely was an advantage for Romney in many ways, especially for his political career.
  • His chart’s flow into wealth in branches involves the wood cardinal Rabbit in the Month branch and combination which transforms into wood. He, and his wife, is worth between 190-250 million US dollars.
  • The Yin Fire as a Direct Officer protects the wealth in his branches, keeps him feeble and shows off his authority, disciplined approach and respect of the people around him. He enjoys debates and discussions. His choice to study Law indicates his inclination towards the qualities of the Direct Officer.  Seven Killings as the hidden Yang Fire in the Snake and Tiger support the Direct Officer. He can draw from his ability to overcome difficulties in pressure situations. His track record at turning deficit into profit is very impressive. For example while being appointed the head of 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics committee, during his appointment as the 70th governor of Massachusetts, as a CEO of Bain & Company and all 14 years as the CEO of Bain Capital’s, making 113 percent average annual internal rate of return on realized investments.
  • He has both scholar, the Pig, and the study, the Snake, stars in his chart. The Pig is always activated by the combination with the Rabbit. He has a law and business degree from Harvard.
  • Void stars, the Horse and Goat, combine with animals in branches and further positively enhance his chart.  For example: 2002 (Yang Water Horse) Salt Lake Winter Olympics success, 2003 (Yin Water Goat) became the Governor of Massachusetts.
  • Clever Self pillar. This is a special pillar and people with this type of Day pillar have a predisposition towards exceptional management abilities and easy success. He has showed both as a CEO and consultant for many companies
  • Favorable Day branch with the potential of forming a very powerful full directional wood combination. His wife of 43 years has been very supportive and influential

Because of his ‘exceptional’ chart, he has been able to take a full advantage of many good cycles as his record of achievements clearly shows and some of them are presented below.

In the Rat cycle, he received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University, and then earned a joint JD and MBA from Harvard University in 1975 (Yin Wood Rabbit year). He also entered the management consulting business, which led to a position at Bain & Company.

He co-founded and became a CEO of Bain Capital in the Pig cycle in 1983 (Yin Water Pig) and in 1986 (Yang Fire Tiger) the company helped to start up Staples Inc. This particular investment made a sevenfold profit for the company. The Bain Capital eventually became one of the leaders in the industry and their business model became a standard within the industry.

In the Yin Fire cycle he was the President and CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games Organizing Committee which he made hugely successful and profitable. He also became the 70th governor of Massachusetts in 2003 (Yin Water Goat)

Whenever the wood flow is further enhanced from a particular year, he becomes very successful. He was asked to return to Bain & Company as a CEO in 1991, the Goat of the year completed the three harmony combination in branches. It was not easy for him because the Yin Metal influence was present but he managed to take the company from serious financial trouble into profit in a year.

In June 2011 Mr. Romney announced his candidacy for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nominations. He is a veteran in the world of political campaigning and that is exactly when timing plays enormous part.

In 2007 (Yin fire Pig), during his unfavorable ‘Key rival’ Rooster cycle, Romney formally announced his candidacy for the 2008 Republican Party presidential nominations but lost to John McCain in 2008 (Yang Earth Rat).

However 2012 is a very different story in terms of cosmic influences on his cosmic flow. 2012 is inside a Yang Fire Cycle between age 62 and 66, and it is a Yang Water Dragon year. The Yang Fire cycle combines with the Yin Metal in his hour stem. That way the ‘Rob Wealth’ god is taken away while leaving The Yang Metal self totally feeble to the wood flow of his chart and it also prevents a Mix of Officer and Killings during this period. The Yang Water stem of the year 2012 combines with the Yin Fire in the year stem in his Birth chart and transforms into wood and the Dragon combines with the Tiger in the day pillar and rabbit in the month pillar.

In the summary, as soon as 2012 came on February 4th, he received the very powerful full wood directional combination while the year stem of 2012 and the birth chart’s year stem also transformed into wood and the Yang Fire Luck cycle took away his opposition. His chart has a pure wood flow towards wealth and success in 2012. Current cosmic influences are much more favorable for Mr Romney to run for the Presidency compared to the timing of the 2008 attempt. So far he has been very successful during the Republican Party campaign and is a front runner for the Republicans during the Yin Water Rabbit month of 2012.