Services provided by White Dragon Consulting include the following:

  • Site Analysis
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Pre-Sale Consultations
  • New Property Assessments
  • Four Pillars of Destiny Readings
  • Purple Star Astrology
  • I Ching Divinations
  • Career Counselling
  • Building and Renovations
  • Date Selections
  • Feng Shui Training
  • Four Pillars Workshops and Seminars
  • Chinese Compass School Feng Shui
  • Professional Partnering
  • Relationship Counselling

Full Onsite and Offsite Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Consultation for Residential Properties

  • Traditional Form School analysis of the property and building.
  • Use Xuan Kong (Time & Space) Flying Star methods for the site and building – both exterior and interior.
  • Recommendations on paths, doorways and the use of water features for wealth enhancements.
  • Enhancements and remedies with shapes and colors for Qi (Energy) Balance.
  • Recommendation of the use of Space – placement of bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, washrooms, and furniture layout.
  • Date Selection – auspicious date for moving in to the house.

Service details covered within consultation fee:

  1. On-site Qi assessment with the Luopan (Chinese Feng Shui compass). For on-line consultations, email us for precise compass reading instructions.
  2. For off-site consultation – A complete written report with room-by-room analysis of the house – specific and detailed recommendations using Eight Mansions (East/West) and Flying Star Feng Shui.
  3. Auspicious means for enhancing Wealth/Money luck, health and relationship in the house.
  4. Recommendations with interior design on renovations to maximize Feng Shui benefits for the residents.
  5. Fee will include online and phone support.

Required information and materials:

  • Site and area plans (to scale) including all roads and surrounding buildings.
  • Floor plans accurately reflecting the North-South axis.
  • Floor plans with proposed furniture layout with an illustration of the use of each room.
  • The birth dates (year, month, and date) of members in the household.
  • The year the building construction was completed.
  • Any questions or concerns. Please email us for a quotation.

Four Pillars of Destiny Readings

Fee: Please contact us. The Four Pillars of Destiny Chart is a Chinese astrological life readings on your Destiny according to your birth data. Service includes a detailed analysis of your character, career, health and sickness, love and relationships, and different luck cycles.

Destiny Charts and I Ching Divination 河洛理數

We also provide you with a higher level of reading your destiny which includes complicated calculations using your Four Pillars Chart to evaluate and decode the I Ching hexagrams. This service includes the annual hexagram for a 25 year period where we would provide you with advice and strategies from the I Ching based on each of the hexagrams.

All the analysis will be done with strict confidentiality.

Workshops are offered in both English and Chinese depending on the location. Please contact us if you would like to know more information about our workshops.

Private lessons taught in either Chinese and English can also be arranged in Vancouver and Hong Kong.

Phone: 1-604-816-7718